Our Services

Resource Centre

Our open access resource centre opens five days a week at London Road, and offers a relaxed, informal space for people to meet, share experiences, learn new skills, and gain support, information and advice on mental health and emotional wellbeing issues. Staff are available to work on a one to one basis with clients, supporting them with their mental or emotional health needs/ issues, on an ongoing basis, as our services are not time limited. On average the resource centre has 82 clients through the doors a week, with 4,102 beneficiaries accessing the resource centre over the last year alone.

Aside from the one to one casework within the resource centre, we offer a wide range of groups, sessions and workshops on a weekly basis. At present we offer 18 groups and sessions on a weekly basis. All groups and sessions are based on service user need/demand, the best use of available resources, and meeting an unmet need within the mental health and wellbeing services in the area, to ensure we are not duplicating services.

Examples of current groups and sessions we offer within the resource centre include:

  • Anxiety and depression self- help support group
  • Art Therapy
  • Self- Harm Support Group
  • Women's group
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Hoarders Support Group
  • Adult Literacy Classes
  • Relaxation and Meditation sessions
  • Food and Mood sessions
  • Wellbeing and Mindfulness group
  • Men's group
  • Bereavement Support Group (in partnership with Cruse)
  • Carers Support Sessions
  • Confidence Building and Assertiveness Courses Green exercise programme (in partnership with Actif Woods and Coed Lleol)
  • Digital Photography classes
  • Head injury Support Group (in partnership with Headway)
  • Adult learning courses (in partnership with Communities First/ NSA)
  • Youth Advice Project (14-18 year olds)
  • CBT courses
  • Sow and Grow eco-therapy project

NPT Mind Welfare Rights Project

The Welfare Rights Project was set up as a partnership project by Neath Mind, Neath Social Services and the Glan Y Mor NHS trust back in 1997. The project exists to support people experiencing mental health problems through the benefits system process- from initial application through to appeal, along with providing others in the mental health field with the correct information and training they need to undertake their own benefits work with clients. The project also has a campaigning and policy remit, to ensure that the interests and rights of people with mental health problems are represented within the Benefits arena.

This has been achieved though face to face casework here at the resource centre, as well as partnership working with the mental health teams across the borough. Our Caseworker also works closely with other third sector organisations and their clients, offering support, information and advice to other workers along with taking on referrals from other organisations. The Caseworker also offers a national information line for welfare rights support and offers outreach casework within the local recovery unit/hospital; supports local authority social workers and has a mental health consultancy role with the Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health (which originated from NPT Mind).

Perinatal Project

The Perinatal Project is a joint project between NPT Mind and ABMU LHB offering a support service for expectant/ new mothers who are experiencing mental health or emotional health problems or are identified as at risk of doing so. This project is facilitated jointly by Mind staff, health visitors and play workers, offering a safe, relaxed environment for the mother to gain support, information and advice from staff as well as helping to reduce isolation and build supportive relationships with other new/expectant mums. This early intervention work ensures the woman gets timely support and services when it is needed, resulting in positive outcomes, including - improved well-being,  developing and building on coping skills and resilience, and a positive experience of accessing a mental health service. We also offer new and expectant mums a CBT course, entitled ‘Enjoy your Baby’.

Serene Minds Counselling Service

This is a fairly recent addition to NPT services, offering a counselling service for adults experiencing emotional or mental health problems. Qualified volunteer counsellors (and student counsellors coming to the end of their training) offer their time and expertise working with clients for a limited amount of sessions.

Information, referral and signposting service

NPT Mind offers a comprehensive information, signposting and referral service for people living across the NPT borough who are experiencing mental or emotional health problems and their carers', and improved partnership working has ensured demand for this service has continued to steadily rise.

Outreach Work

We currently offer three Outreach Projects at present. One is on an appointment basis in the Upper Neath Valleys; the other is on a weekly basis at Port Talbot Town Centre, which operates as an open access 'drop in resource centre'; and the third outreach project is based at NPT Hospital where project staff attend the Recovery Unit- both inpatient and day ward once a week- to support patients, offer information, advice, signposting and support, along with offering group activity sessions.

Youth Advice Project

We were extremely fortunate in securing funding from the NPT Children and Young People's Partnership to set up and develop a project specifically for teenagers and young adults. Historically, our services have focused on adults over the age of 18, however, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for services for teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14 and 18, and our research identified a distinct gap in service provision for this group in the area.

The aims of the project are:

  • to raise awareness of and reduce the stigma attached to experiencing emotional and mental health problems in younger people.
  • to promote positive mental and emotional wellbeing for young people
  • to help and encourage teenagers and young adults to develop healthy coping skills and develop emotional resilience.
  • to provide a range of services in safe and accessible environments where young people are supported via a range of age appropriate activities and projects, both on an individual basis and through group work.

Monitoring and evaluation work

All of our projects and services are continuously monitored and evaluated in a variety of ways, ensuring we are offering the best use of available services and that our services are meeting the quality mark and the needs of our client group. We collect feedback through a variety of formats, including a formal six monthly monitoring and evaluation survey; anecdotal feedback from beneficiaries; service user meeting minutes; quality review report from Mind; Box 'C' - compliments, considerations, complaints and comments box (located in resource centre); quarterly newsletters; monthly monitoring and evaluation of groups and sessions.

Mind Quality Management

We undergo a rigorous MQM system, which ensures we meet all outlined quality standard areas, ensuring quality services which are fully compliant with legal and good practice guidelines for a Mind charity.

We also welcome carers, family members and friends of people experiencing emotional distress or mental health problems.

Our focus is on recovery, resilience, and a holistic approach to the individual, seeing the whole person and delivering support that works for them.

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